Previews of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Opens Feb 1}

*SongF* Anoni scratch- plate
Wimey: The Gandalf Ring (Silver/Blue)
{anc} “lapin.wear / headribbon.satin /RARE
{anc} “lapin.wear / No.3

New release excluded from the FGC

*OAL* Bliss ~ Naturals  available only at the FANTASY COLLECTIVE {opening Jan 20}
/Wasabi Pills/ Emma Mesh Hair – Jellyfish

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About Hulla

What can I say about me ... I should not say this, but others ... I am a person who likes to listen, reliable, sincere, spontaneous, cuddly, sociable and shy, I trust people too easily (even Those who do not deserve!) too romantic sometimes. Im mostly curious by nature,passionate and also jealous. I love being in the company, I like to laugh a lot, loyal, hate playing with other people's feelings and i hate when others do it to me or to other people... Help in any way and for any thing at any time if I can ... And I do it gladly ... I put my friends in the first place I give blood to help someone ...I have an incredible zest for life that want to live life fully... ...and if you read all this, you deserve a kiss!

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