Love & War

Although I prefer do love and war inside my bed, since its late so I’ll go soon XD, do not miss the next anniversary of the 30 Linden.
You will find the gachas, one exciting treasure hunt and the inevitable items at 30L and other new releases of each participating merchant.


Stay tuned for upcoming news and updates about this amazing event.

A peek on the first merchants.

COMMON *LE* Tyrell Skirt and Tunic

[BP] Arya Dress Silver Ultrarare with Necklace e Facemask

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About Hulla

What can I say about me ... I should not say this, but others ... I am a person who likes to listen, reliable, sincere, spontaneous, cuddly, sociable and shy, I trust people too easily (even Those who do not deserve!) too romantic sometimes. Im mostly curious by nature,passionate and also jealous. I love being in the company, I like to laugh a lot, loyal, hate playing with other people's feelings and i hate when others do it to me or to other people... Help in any way and for any thing at any time if I can ... And I do it gladly ... I put my friends in the first place I give blood to help someone ...I have an incredible zest for life that want to live life fully... ...and if you read all this, you deserve a kiss!

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