Are you ready for Love & War?

Are you ready?
The opening of the 30L’s anniversary is near … only few days
Do you remember the theme?
Love and War
Cool items at 30L, gachas and also a treasure hunt
Here is a small peek


Luas Astaroth Crown – Horns – Necklace
Luas Nazirah Rags Gacha black RARE
!Curvalicious SKIN War ULTRA RARE



::B&C:: Aliss gown with belt and sleeves – Ebony RARE
PKS pearl set jewels (headband, earings and necklace) in 4 color



!Damned Head Piece
[BP] “Love” Weapon Belt & [BP] Petite Fleur Choker
Kitty Moon Heart Dagger Upperarm with Hud
!Curvalicious 30L Anniversary War Teeth ULTRA RARE
Primus Bouquet of Roses 3.5 (19% & 35% damage version)



!Curvalicious SKIN Love Teeth ULTRA RARE
*Sweet Kajira*Salima black RARE with collar gold RARE
*Sweet Kajira*Salima earring gold




[BP] “War” Weapon Harness (30L item)
[V/W] His Love & War – RARES – Helm and Necklace
[V/W] His Love & War – COMMONS – Bracer


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