Jackpot Gacha Event

Jackpot Gacha Event

16th September – 25th September
􀀝All Gacha play price: 30L
Machine goes into Jackpot Mode 26th September
Jackpot Mode playable for free and ONLY to The Jackpot Winner

How it works?

-How normal gacha works: play one time, get one prize.
-How Jackpot Gacha works: play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one!
-The biggest prize to win is The Jackpot!

What is The Jackpot Prize?

-There will only be ONE Jackpot Winner.
-The Jackpot Prize is 50 FREE PULL of ANY machine in the event.
-The Gacha Machines will go into Jackpot Mode on the 26th September.
– During this time, only the Jackpot Winner the machines are only playable by the Jackpot Winner

Equinox Hunt: Check out the balloons…some contains prizes!


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